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Products and Solutions

This section provides you with a summarising overview of our current range of products and services. It comprises input systems, components and the area of OEM production. Simply browse through our range of products and get in touch with us should you require a certain item or should you have any questions. We will be glad to help you find any particular articles.

Production is certified complying with DIN ISO 9002 and takes place in clean room conditions. During production, each manufacturing step is subject to sophisticated checks. Exclusively quality products from recognised companies are used, e.g. 3M, Inovan or Autotype. The final products are subjected to a 100% check. We have been familiar with the material since 1983, and this is why you can expect not only outstanding solutions from us, but also an attractive price/performance ratio. You need samples within a few days? No problem for us. The bottom line: we are skilled partners for the professional implementation of your tasks!

Input Systems

With us, the planning and implementation of your input systems is in good hands. After a thorough project analysis run by our product managers and the development department, the conception, design and technical implementations are then specified in a joint, partnership-based dialogue. After all, keyboards are the most important interfaces to the user and thus the 'calling card’ of your product. Here, we guarantee a cohesive concept, from the idea, through planning, all the way to the finished product, and thus the ideal requirement for success in the market. Before series manufacturing, scaled corrections and series-mature samples are created.

Pad Membrane Keyboards

  • Flexible
  • Key embossment
  • LCD windows
  • Disappear effect
  • Polyester dome
  • Snap disc
  • EMC shielding
  • Protection type IP 65
  • SMD light-emitting diodes
  • Interchangeable lettering strips
  • Intelligent electronics
  • Controllers
  • Luminescence foils

Light guide film

As a groundbreaking alternative to the illumination of membrane keyboards.

  • Homogeneous and adjustable illumination
  • Nearly limitless life expectancy
  • Many individual input solutions
  • Flexible and extreme slim construction technique
  • economically reasonable
  • Low tooling- und start-up costs
  • Low consumption of electricity
  • Low heat emission
  • Fewer LEDs needed as for EL-film technique
  • IP-protection category

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Front- Panel Foils

  • Polyester
  • Key embossment
  • Disappear effect
  • On aluminium carrier
  • On plastic carrier
  • Viewing window made of plastic or glass
  • Digital printing with the highest resolution

Silicone Pressure- Sensitive Mats

  • Made of silicone/neoprene/PU
  • Large number of key shapes
  • Two-shore technology
  • Vulcanised contact element
  • Carbon-coated contact surfaces
  • Number of operations > 1,000,000
  • Temperature-resistant up to 120°C
  • Operating force of 0.3 to 8 Newton
  • Switching path of 0.3 to 7.0 mm
  • Durable low-abrasion key surfaces
  • Epoxy surfaces
  • Combination silicone mat/pad membrane keyboard
  • Lasered surfaces

Printed Circuit Boards

  • Double sided
  • Multilayer
  • Flexible printed circuit boards
  • Surface gilding – chemical or galvanic
  • Bond gold
  • COB
  • HAL, HAL lead free
  • Chem. tin
  • Chem. silver
  • Blind and burried Vias
  • Laser-drilling
  • Blind-boring, Milling, scribing, punching
  • Double component solder resistant varnish, photo resistant varnish
  • Decal varnish
  • Kapton
  • Clean room
  • Production acc. to RoHS

Flexible and assembled flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Since 2001, we offer flexible printed circuit boards to our customers according to up-to-date industrial standards. Primarily, we offer this service to customers of automotive, medical science, automation and telecommunication sector.

In big industrial customers we are preferred vendor with our products. More and more customers use the possibility of assembling their flexible printed circuit boards by us.


You will find we have a wide assortment of standard displays and VGA displays, customer-specific LCDs and chip-on-glass technology.


  • Wide display angles
  • Low power consumption
  • Light and compact
  • Large temperature range
  • High quality
  • Various backlights

Ask us – we will be glad to provide you with information.

Customer- Specific and Standard Housings made of Plastic

  • ABS or polycarbonate
  • ABS complying with UL94-V0 (flame-resistant)
  • Structured or smooth surfaces
  • EMC coating
  • Lowered surfaces
  • Groove systems for sealing rings
  • Customer-specific colour variant
  • Housing & pad membrane keyboard fully mounted
  • Complete systems with customer-specific electronics
  • DIN ISO 9002

Cable sets and tailored cables

Sets from Wunder offer the customer decisive advantages:

  • Reduction in stocks and storage costs
  • Simplification of ordering
  • Reduction in costs for personnel and equipment
  • No scrap, as 100% checked

Range of products:

  • Ribbon cables with various modular dimensions
  • Spiral cables
  • Coax cables with plug connectors
  • Power cables
  • Cable harnesses
  • Data cables
  • USB cables
  • Customer-specific cables
  • DIN ISO 9002


With our know-how and many years of experience in the industries we supply, we are also able to offer our customers complete manufacturing of devices according to customer-specific wishes. With us, control and input units or remote controls of all types are in good hands, manufactured according to the highest standards in certified plants. Our customers include automotive construction companies and their suppliers, as well as different branches of industry where electronic components are used for control systems and operation. Simply ask us if you have any special wishes. We will accompany you from development, through project management, all the way to series delivery.